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10 thoughts on “Will Manchester United REGRET Rejecting Paulo Dybala?! | W&L

    1. Can’t blame the guy, utd seems like a desperate woman that no man wants to sleep with, under any circumstances

    2. United did!! Thanks to the same snake who is trying to steal Pogba out!! Mino Raiola wanted 13.7 Million pounds for himself in this deal!! Hell no. Besides he is shit. I would any day take David Neres ahead of him!!!

  1. WTF okay so how much van dijk is in current market 100 or 130 mil so Harry is not 80 mil come on people please start making some sense next time

  2. Let’s talk facts : BRUNO FERNANDES’S current club has hired JORGE MENDES,, the second most successful sports manager in THE WORLD, who manages the likes of CRISTIANO RONALDO, BERNARDO SILVA, JOÃO CANCELO, NÉLSON SEMEDO, ETC AND MANAGED TO MAKE THE JOÃO FELIX TRANSFER, ONLY THE 3RD MOST EXPENSIVE PLAYER OF ALL TIME, happen. Either United or Spurs will get him. It’s happening

  3. Bruno Fernandes single handedly carried his team throughout the past 2 seasons, being the midfielder who scored the most goals in Europe in 18/19, whilst assisting Portugal in winning the nations league. before you shout nonsense, maybe look into him

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