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Every golfer has to take a set up to the golf ball, but how we set up can most certainly influence the shape of our golf swings. Chris Ryan shows you 3 of the most important parts of the set up when looking from behind the golfer. these check points

Golf Hub golf lessons

Improve your golf at Golf Hub Central Coast. One of Australias best Golf Coaches and Club Fitters is now up on the central coast.

Single Plane Golf Swing – Single Plane Experience 2018

Single Plane Golf Swing - Single Plane Experience 2018 Learn more about the Single Plane Experience here: Learn more about the Inner Circle Membership here: The Inner Circle: Learn how to swing exactly like Moe Norman did. You can start with five FREE lessons by clicking the following link. Contact us for the

Arms vs. Body Speed in the Golf Swing (How to Pick up 15+ mph)

Bonus Video: Learn WHY rotating your body through the hitting area can slow the clubhead down and also be putting your back in harms way. No more spinning your chest through the hitting area...even if one of the commentators on TV tell you it's a good thing. --- Follow RotarySwing: Website: Facebook: Twitter: