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How to really change your golf swing

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Making changes and improving your golf swing is often not an easy process. Following a few guidelines can make those changes easier to attain. This applies to anything you might be working on with your coach.

Melbourne Golf Coach is both a website and YouTube channel run by Australian PGA Master Professional Peter Knight. If you are a golfer of any level looking for ways to improve, especially during those moments where you might feel ‘stuck’, then Peter’s expertise will help you, as it has thousands of other golfers from beginners to professionals.

Each week there are videos and added to this channel as well as Peter’s Melbourne Golf Coach website.

Make sure you connect and follow Peter at the links below to make sure you never miss any great information coming your way.

The online coaching is using the app ProGolfMe or the app Skillest

Find Peter here:


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  1. totally agreed, I just made a video on ingraining a new swing change, for me it took 30 days and yes I did do swings at 60%.

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